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Can you escape from Trapped at Sessions 3 Escape Rooms?

We have rated our 3 rooms in difficulty from our guests reviews and experiences, however keep in mind that each room presents different escape tasks that can trip up even the most experienced Escape Room Artist! Whichever room you choose, we guarantee that you will have a great time indoors at Big White!

The easiest room that we have currently is the Trippy 60's Room - travel back in time to the 60's where you are tasked with escaping and making it back to the present day with just a black light and your wits - watch out, there are a few things in this room that may scare you...

The next step up difficulty wise in our escape rooms is our 1920's Prohibition Room - travel even further back in time to the 1920's when alcohol was outlawed and the government was standing over its citizens - can you escape from the probitbition and make it back to enjoy a tasty Elevation 57 Brew at Sessions Taphouse and Grill?

Our most difficult escape room is The Cabin in the Woods - first you need to break into the cabin to escape the cold of Big White's Biggest Snow Storm, then once you are inside and have found all the clues, you need to break out again so you can make it down the hill before you are stuck overnight... This escape activity has 3 rooms and has our lowest rate of success - will you be able to complete it?

Big White's Best Indoor Activity - Trapped at Sessions Escape rooms



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